Sunday, October 23, 2011

Golden Delicious Blossoms

Today we went to Apple Hill. I saw my mom and dad in a booth with lots of pictures. I saw two I really liked - one was a picture of flowers and another one was a water fall.

The guy who takes all the pictures is David Olson. David said if I guessed what apple grows on the plant in the picture of flowers that he would give it to me. But I did not know any names of apples so my mom said it could be a Golden Delicious and David said to me, "Your mom got it on the first try! Maybe she will share with you." So that's how I got it for free!!

David Olson is an internationally recognized Artist / Photographer from Wisconsin. David’s Fine Art Imagery is displayed in homes and collections around the world! Is that awesome or what? He began photographing his natural surroundings while in high school!! David continued to take photos in Lake Tahoe where he was inspired by the beauty and spiritual environment of Lake Tahoe “The Jewel of the Sierra” to form Nature’s Images.

Nature’s Images will continue to share the beauty of nature through its Fine Art Photography. His goal is to protect the environment by taking pictures, leaving only footprints. Cool huh?

Here is the picture I got for free from David!!!


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