Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Break!

Hey guys ! It's been awhile, but i really hope to blog again. Well anyway this week we have spring break, and im going to hangout with my friends and suff. Today I went to 1890 ranch with my bestfriends, Melody and Kat. Anyway it was really fun, we went to Starbucks, Target, The Dollar Store. Also we got like $15 dollars worth of stuff at the dollar store... Most of it was candy! When we got over to Melody's we watched a scary movie and ate all the candy. ( Btw if you have heard i've been in a lot of drama and its sorta rediculous... ) Also after that we talked about all this drama, it was kind of annoying though. But anyway, this Spring Break is going to be really fun. I'm suppose to go to the Mall with my friends. And im going to have a sleepover with Melody and Kat tomorrow im going to try and pull an all nighter.. I'm not going to make it though! And i'm going to see Endless Love tomorrow too. I really hope it's good.

More about why I haven't been blogging:
1. I haven't had a computer to use
2. I've been really busy with school and stuff
3. I have the STAAR coming up and I want to ace my tests
4. There has been so much drama...

But I do want top blog again, so I will try to keep you guys updated and stuff.(: Anyway it's 2:18 AM and my computer is at 8% so i'm going to go. Hope you all have a wonderfull day later today ( or tomorrow..? ) Haha, goodnight beautifuls!

- Julia

Thursday, January 2, 2014

California !

Hello, I have been in Texas and it has been wonderful. I have been there for 5 or so months. I have met so many new amazing people, I have a new school and its awesome! It's just across the street from my house, if I miss the bus I can just walk! It is awesome. Anyway I've met Melody, Kat, Jaide, Grace, Will, Sam, Bryce, Ryanna, Sydney, Taylor,  and so many more people. They are all amazing. Anyway I came back to California for Christmas and New Year, so I've been here since December 18th and im leaving on the 7th. I cant wait to go back home but im going to miss Cali again, ughh. Anyway, <- I say that a lot lol. ANYWAY I go a iPhone 5c for Christmas. It's blue - My favorite color! I got some clothes, shoes, jewelry, and a lot more fun stuff. I will be on much more now, so keep up! (: