Thursday, August 18, 2011

Look At This!!!

Last week there were people at our house with cameras. They took lots and LOTS of pics of each of us. They threw cereal everywhere and my mom got all dressed up and get her makeup done too!

The picture is so cool! Ben was a Super Hero! They made it look like Zach was throwing milk and cereal at Noah because he put ketchup on Zach! Ethan is like a crazy guy who has paint on him, Josh is hanging from the chandelier and Mom is holding Timmy with the iPad. I was supposed to be looking at a bug and I think they put a "magic wand" in my hand.

Do like the pic? =D

Monday, August 15, 2011

"I Thought I Was Ugly"

Yesterday I was reading ''Discovery Girls'' magazine and there was an article about this girl who thought she was ugly! She hated herself and wrote this in her diary:

Dear Diary,

Today I was drawing a picture of myself when my so-called friend Mattie walked by and whispered to this girl Lizzie, ''Wow, that's almost as weird as she is in person.'' HA HA HA!!! SO NOT FUNNY! it true? Am I really weird? I know I'm not as skinny as these girls, and my hair isn't perfectly straight or all curly and pretty. WOW! Maybe I AM weird. OHHH! I feel like an elephant next to toothpicks! I never want to go to school again! EVER!


Her mom found her diary and read what she wrote. She was mad at first, but then her mom kept telling her that she wasn't ugly and she was beautiful. She started believing her mom. And then she was on Oprah's show . Oprah told her she was beautiful and she believed her.

Alexis started to think different about what it means to be beautiful. She realized that what is inside is more important than what is outside.

What I learned is that it doesn't matter what other people think - it just matters what you think and how you treat other people.


4 Day's ago i got feathers in my hair!!! I forgot to blog about it ;) They are so awesome i have 3 feathers in my hair my mom has them and my aunt Sara dose too! Here's a pic =)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Fun Craft

Today we did a craft! Me, Ben, Noah, Josh, Kaylie, and Andrew! Made them! They are all so cute here's a pic

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh No!

This time it was Noah that sliced his finger. I thought he would need stitches, but he did not. Here's a pic of him at the doc


Hello! Noah's birthday is the 12th he's going to be 4 oh my gosh he's going 4 yay!!! Can't wait :D He is going to have a party on the 14th it's going to be FUN!!! 

 I'm playing Soccer this year! it is going to be so much  fun! Emma from last year is on my teem this year! me and Emma are really good friends because of Soccer ;) Bye talk latter