Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Funny pictures!

Here re some pictures I found! So true...



I hate when that happens but it's so funny

This is annoying

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Goofy brother!!

Today I was taking pictures and I said to noah "Smile" and this is what he did. Haha!!

Love you Noah!

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

San Francisco

San Francisco was a perfect day yesterday. (My best friend Emma came too.) We rode The Duck, it is like a duck because it goes in water and on land. We rode around on land then after the tour of San Francisco on land, we went into the water and saw bouts and a sport stadium. The stadium was huge.

Our captain was so funny! And guess what? We got to drive the duck, yes drive the duck!!! Everyone got to drive, even my dad. When it got to my turn I drove and took pictures. It was really a blast. Emma went after me and she said it was really fun. :)

After we rode the duck we went for some Hot Cocoa from Boudin. After that we just walked around for awhile and found a beach. We had a contest with Ethan, Josh, Ben, and me. Emma was the judge. (She really wanted to be the judge!) The contest was who could dig the biggest, deepest hole in the sand. We got some funny pictures.

I had my head in my hole because it was so deep that I had to get my head in the hole so I could reach the sand. And everybody laughed. Then my dad got picture, so we'll see how funny that is:) I think Ethan one first place because he got to water. Then it was me second, I was getting to some water then my mom says, "time to go" we all say "nooooo!" Then right before we had go I got into my hole and burry myself and all you can see is my head. It's pretty funny!

We had a fantastic day yesterday.

Here are some cute pictures from the Duck, and funny pictures from the beach!!

Noah quaking the duck mouth